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My World has Changed

Cindy’s Story-

Dear Women’s Services,

When I arrived at the shelter, I was scared, lonely, completely mentally unstable and so unsure of what my future held. I was scared that my life was ruined. I was sure I wasn’t strong enough to make it through the night, let alone the rest of my life. The thoughts of my past abuse, the years of conditioning had taken their toll, and blinded me to the good things in my every day existence.

I felt helpless, misguided and forsaken by God and society. I couldn’t see past my own suffering to function. The shelter gave me a safe place to live and the space to catch my breath. You offered me the goal-oriented structure that I so desperately needed. A way to find little victories to keep me focused on what was expected of me and what needed to be done.

I was shown various tools and ways to start building a secure and strong foundation for my future. Being here has allowed me to gain the strength to begin the healing process. I am becoming stronger and stronger each day. With every little triumph, I am able to take care of me without hesitation. With the support system I have gained by being here, I am now eager to face each day. I do my best at whatever I do and know I am a survivor, no longer a victim. For the first time, I have hope for my life and hope in my heart.

The shelter has forever changed my world. The true, sincere encouragement I have gotten from you has given me a new lease on life. I know I can only go up from here and there is no looking back. I thank each and every one of you.

-Written by Cindy, 2008-

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