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Looking to the Future

Jane’s Story

To the Staff at Women’s Services:

I will be exiting the shelter soon and wanted to let you know how grateful my son and I are for all the help you have given us. You are priceless, and the work you do often goes unnoticed. We noticed, and will forever be grateful for your help.

You have been the hand I needed to gain back a safe, healthy lifestyle for my son and me. You have been kind, compassionate, considerate, understanding, knowledgeable, patient, and so much more. You have given me back the strength and confidence I needed.

Our time at the shelter has given us the safe haven we needed to relocate to, in a new town, away from our abuser. Besides giving us a safe home, the staff at Women’s Services has assisted me with searching for housing, employment, and finding public transportation. They have been there any time to listen when I just needed to talk.

I have also attended the group counseling you offer two nights a week. The benefits for me have been immense. I have learned all about the cycle of abuse and how to break it. I’ve learned how to take back control of my life. Most importantly, I’ve learned what I needed to change myself so I will never again become a victim.

Two days ago, a woman in our town was stabbed and killed by her abusive husband. That could
have been me or my son if we didn’t have Women’s Services and its wonderful staff to help us when we needed it. Without your help, and the safety of the shelter, we would still be in an unsafe home with our abuser. Thanks to all of you, we are safe and looking to the future.

-Written by Jane, 2006-

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