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Education and Outreach

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One of the most effective forms of prevention is education. Women’s Services is dedicated to educating the adults and children in our community about the dynamics of abuse and interpersonal violence.

Responding to Reports of Sexual Violence Against Older Adults and People with IDD:

(4 hrs or 8 hrs, dependent upon prior participant knowledge)

This training is appropriate for adult protective services workers, law enforcement, independent contractors and others.  It can be presented in-person or virtually, and is designed to provide those who investigate sexual violence against older adults and people who have IDD with important information, including:

  • What sexual violence against people in either of these two demographics may look like
  • How trauma related to the experience of sexual violence may affect the behavior and responses of older adults and people who have IDD
  • How their trauma responses may affect and inform your efforts, and how to interview them in ways that increase their ability to aid in the investigation.


School Programs

Women’s Services presents age-appropriate abuse awareness programs students enrolled in kindergarten, grades 3 and 5, middle and high school in the Crawford, PENNCREST and Conneaut School districts. READ MORE


Community Trainings

WSI offers trainings that educate the public about the signs and causes of abuse as well as how to prevent abuse and protect themselves. Trainings can also provide information on the specific patterns of domestic violence, the interpersonal dynamics of abuse, and the inherent dangers employers and their employees face every day in the workplace. These trainings can be tailored toward your company’s specific needs. READ MORE

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Special Needs

Women’s Services developed the Modified Abuse Awareness Program (MAAP) to meet the special needs of students enrolled in Autism, Life Skills, and Learning and Emotional Support classes. Although similar to other abuse awareness programs, MAAP has been adapted for smaller and more structured classrooms with a special emphasis on shorter but more frequent sessions, more detail, and more student interaction. Students are encouraged to explore personal safety strategies and identify individual safety networks.


High School DATE Pre-Test

This pre-test survey will help us understand your thoughts on interpersonal relationships. There are no right or wrong answers. Your answers are completely anonymous.
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