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Counseling and Advocacy


We provide supportive counseling to past and present survivors of Domestic Violence (DV) and Sexual Violence (SV) and their families, including adult survivors of child Domestic Violence (DV) / Sexual Violence (SV). Read More about Counseling.

Adult Domestic Violence (“DV”) Counseling

WSI’s adult DV counselors give clients the opportunity to share and discuss their experiences. Counselors also work with victims to create a safety plan and educate them about available resources and options. The goal of counseling is to empower victims to develop their potential. Click here to read more.

Adult Sexual Violence (“SV”) Counseling

Individual counseling is also available for adult victims of child sexual abuse. Adult survivors may experience a range of emotions and feelings that affect their adult lives. Adult survivors may also experience other difficulties, such as not having anyone available to corroborate memories of the abuse. Click here to read more.

Child Domestic Violence Counseling

WSI’s experienced counselors assist children whose parents are victims of domestic violence, as well as teenagers and young adults who may have experienced episodes of domestic violence themselves. Children are taught conflict resolution skills and are encouraged to use nonviolent means of self-expression. Click here to read more.

Child Sexual Violence Counseling

WSI provides counseling services for children who have been sexually abused. Individual counseling can involve the use of art and play as well as verbal communication to help the child express feelings and to cope with abuse. Parents, siblings, and other relatives can also receive supportive counseling and they can learn ways to help their children heal. Click here to read more.



Advocacy is the act of pleading the cause of another or arguing in favor of an idea or policy. An advocate actively supports, encourages, backs, and promotes someone or something. As survivors of DV and SV go through the medical, criminal, and/or civil legal system, our Counselor/Advocates provide assistance, information, and support throughout the process.  Following an incident of violence, victims may need medical attention.  Counselor/Advocates can accompany the victim and their family throughout the experience. They provide information about various medical and legal procedures and help assess the survivor’s needs for future services. Read more about Advocacy.


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