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“I started doing the things that I needed to do to help myself get back on my feet again and
find a place of my own…I have learned so much here. I will never be able to thank the staff for
everything they did for me. The shelter has taught me a new way to live…”
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“Without your help, and the safety of the shelter, we would still be in an unsafe home with our abuser. Thanks to all of you, we are safe and looking to the future…”
Read Jane’s story

“I have carried the bad things that have happened to me as my years of growing. Now I am
beginning to heal myself with the help of the staff and God, which will carry me for the rest of
my life here on earth…”
Read Maria’s story

“The shelter has forever changed my world. The true, sincere encouragement I have gotten
from you has given me a new lease on life. I know I can only go up from here and there is no
looking back. I thank each and every one of you…”
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Meadville,PA 16335 Titusville,PA 16354
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Office Phone
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